«Covid epidemic» is a fake!

Hello from Russia! In Russia, the authorities invented the «covid epidemic» and violates our rights and freedoms, violates the country’s Constitution. The dictator Putin makes us wear muzzles. Keeps our old people under house arrest. Deprives people of the right to move freely. He wants to ruin our businesses. He wants to make us beggars and starve us. To combat this, we created the Antigen movement. Our movement is international. Now, we call upon all free people of the world. We need your support. We can give you our support too. Let’s unite!

Our Bitcoin wallet: 1USAktoy9oKso9ztcbCfrx99nqPnhSQxQ
Our Facebook group (in Russian): https://www.facebook.com/groups/antigen19
Telegram (for communication): @romand


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